Skunk Works Collector's Coin - Premium Numbers - Limited Edition
Skunk Works Collector's Coin - Premium Numbers - Limited Edition

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Coin Number
  • 007
  • 008
  • 009
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012
  • 013
  • 014
  • 015
  • 016
  • 017
  • 018
  • 019
  • 020
  • 086
  • 114

Embark on an unparalleled journey with the Skunk Works Top Gun Fan Collector's Coin – now featuring an exclusive selection of premium numbers. These aren't just any numbers; they are the crème de la crème of our limited edition series, embodying a legacy that resonates with Top Gun enthusiasts and aviation collectors alike.


🌟 Premium Numbers Unveiled: Introducing numbers 007 - 020, and the iconic 86 and 114. These numbers aren't just sequential; they're steeped in Top Gun lore and history. Numbers 007 - 020 represent the coveted early sequence, marking you as an early adopter and connoisseur. Number 086 is a tribute to the year that "Top Gun" first captured our imaginations, while 114 echoes the digits that adorned Maverick's F-14, symbolizing the very spirit of aviation prowess.


🔍 Exclusive Edge Engraving for Personalized Distinction: The uniqueness of each Skunk Works Top Gun Fan Collector's Coin is solidified by a special engraving on its edge. This engraving, reading 'Skunk Works Challenge Coin - Limited Edition - Coin #xxx of 200,' individualizes every coin with its distinct number in the series. The '#xxx' will be replaced with the specific sequence number of your coin, confirming its unique identity in the limited edition run of just 200 coins. This detail not only personalizes your coin but also cements its status as a rare and exclusive collector’s item.


🚀 Pre-Order Exclusivity: As a pre-order item, these coins offer you the chance to secure a part of Top Gun history before they become legends. This is your moment to claim a piece of the story that's still being written.


🛠️ Unmatched Craftsmanship: Each coin in this exclusive series maintains the Skunk Works tradition of supreme quality. Weighing 50 grams, and measuring 2 inches in diameter and 4mm in thickness, these coins are a testament to skilled artisanship and a profound dedication to the Top Gun legacy.


🔒 Limited Time Offer: This is a rare opportunity to own a unique part of the Skunk Works series. With only a limited number of these premium coins available, they offer a distinctive edge to your collection that won't last long.


🎁 A Collector's Dream: Ideal for gifting or as a standout addition to your own collection, these premium numbered coins are more than just keepsakes; they're tangible connections to the heart of Top Gun's story.


📅 Ready for Takeoff: Scheduled for despatch by May 20th, 2024, each coin comes with the assurance of quality and exclusivity. 


Secure your elite piece of Top Gun history today. These premium numbers are a rare offering, bound to ascend swiftly into the collections of the most passionate fans. Do not miss your chance to own a singular piece of the Skunk Works legacy.

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