Premium Numbered Challenge Coins

Discover the Elite Tier of Aviation Collectibles

At The Aviation Gift Box, we’re proud to present our Premium Numbered Challenge Coin Collection – a treasure trove designed for the discerning collector and aviation enthusiast. Each coin in this exclusive category isn't just a piece of memorabilia; it's a part of history, crafted with precision and a deep respect for aviation legacy.


Why Our Premium Numbered Coins Stand Out:

  • Limited Edition Numbers: Each coin is among the first twenty minted (001 - 020), making them extraordinarily rare. Owning one of these coins places you in an exclusive circle of collectors.


  • Historically Significant Numbers: We also offer coins with special numbers like '86' commemorating the iconic release year of Top Gun, and '114' the legendary modex number of Maverick’s F-14. These coins connect you directly to pivotal moments in aviation and cinematic history.


  • Unified Collection Across Releases: Unlike typical collections that focus on a single design, our premium numbered coins span all releases. This means your collection grows not just in size, but in diversity and historical significance with each addition.


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VX-31 "Dust Devils" Premium Numbered Coin - Limited EditionVX-31 "Dust Devils" Premium Numbered Coin - Limited Edition
Skunk Works Collector's Coin - Premium Numbers - Limited EditionSkunk Works Collector's Coin - Premium Numbers - Limited Edition
From Our Private Vault: Premium Numbered Black Aces Challenge Coins Release

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