Harrier Jump Jet Collector Coin

The Harrier Jump Jet: Commemorating a Leap in Aviation with a Stunning Collector's Coin


Aviation enthusiasts and coin collectors, prepare for takeoff as we unveil the illustrious journey of the 1969 Harrier Jump Jet through our latest commemorative coin. This isn’t just a tribute to an aircraft; it’s a chronicle of the Harrier’s operational prowess and the unyielding spirit of the RAF's 1 Squadron, the squadron that flew the Harrier into history.


The Dawn of a New Era

In 1969, the skies witnessed a revolution with the arrival of the Harrier Jump Jet, an aircraft that would redefine the capabilities of air support and reconnaissance with its pioneering Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing (V/STOL) features. The Harrier wasn't just a leap forward in technology; it was a leap into the future of warfare.


Craftsmanship Meets Legacy

Our exclusive 1969 Harrier Jump Jet Commemorative Coin captures this monumental stride in aviation. The obverse side is a homage to its inaugural service, adorned with the RAF and the distinguished 1 Squadron insignias, standing proudly beside the Harrier’s iconic silhouette—a symbol of the maiden flights and the elite squadrons that piloted them.


The reverse side is even more telling, emblazoned with the "First In All Things" motto of 1 Squadron, surrounded by the names of regions that bore witness to the Harrier’s valor: the Falklands, the Balkans, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Each name is a chapter in the Harrier’s storied operational history.


A Chronicle of Versatility and Valor

The locations inscribed on the coin are not mere names; they are testaments to the Harrier's versatile role across various deployments:


The Falklands War of 1982 saw the Harrier’s most famous combat deployment, where it was instrumental in securing air superiority and supporting ground forces, accentuating its importance in modern aerial warfare.


    Through NATO Exercises, the Harrier demonstrated its V/STOL operations across European terrains, reinforcing the capabilities of the RAF and its allies.


    In the peacekeeping and enforcement operations in the Balkans during the 1990s, the Harrier was pivotal in providing air support in Bosnia and Herzegovina and later in Kosovo, executing critical reconnaissance and strike missions.


      During Operation Herrick in Afghanistan, RAF Harriers provided close air support to NATO and Afghan forces, a key factor in operations against Taliban insurgents.

      The Harrier also played a significant role in exercises and deployments in the Middle East, including patrolling no-fly zones over Iraq, showcasing its readiness and adaptability in potential conflict scenarios.


      A Piece of History in Your Palm

      Holding the 1969 Harrier Jump Jet Commemorative Coin, you grasp not just a piece of metal, but a fragment of history. Each coin tells a story of progress, of the engineers, pilots, and crews who brought the Harrier to life, and the risks and victories that have been engraved into its legacy.


      Elevating Collections Worldwide

      At The Aviation Gift Box, we understand that collecting is more than a hobby—it’s a passion for the stories and the history. This coin is a centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a piece of heritage. Presented in a protective case, it’s a treasure for years to come.


      The Skies Are Calling


      We invite you to secure your slice of aviation magnificence. With limited stock available, the 1969 Harrier Jump Jet Commemorative Coin is a must-have for anyone who wants to elevate their passion for aviation and celebrate a landmark in technology and courage.


      Embrace the legacy. Add to your collection. And let the Harrier's tale of innovation and 1 Squadron's "First In All Things" ethos take flight in your very own hands.

      Harrier Jump Jet Coin Side A and B


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