Coin Number
  • 007
  • 008
  • 009
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012
  • 013
  • 014
  • 015
  • 016
  • 017
  • 018
  • 019
  • 20
  • 31
  • 86
  • 114

Elevate your collection with the VX-31 "Dust Devils" Top Gun Fan Collector's Coin – now featuring an exceptional selection of premium numbers. These numbers are more than mere sequences; they are symbols of the elite status within our limited edition series, resonating deeply with Top Gun enthusiasts and military aviation collectors.


🌟 Special Number Edition: Presenting numbers 007 - 020, and the distinguished, 031, 86 and 114. These numbers carry a weight beyond their face value, each a beacon of Top Gun heritage. The range 007 - 020 represents the prestigious low sequence numbers, marking their holders as pioneers among collectors. Number 031 uniquely represents the VX-31 "Dust Devils," directly echoing the squadron's name and embodying its spirit. Number 086 is a tribute to the year that 'Top Gun' first soared into the hearts of fans, marking an era of unparalleled excitement in military aviation. Number 114, meanwhile, is synonymous with aerial bravery and skill, a number that danced on the wings of Maverick's F-14, and became a symbol of the very essence of the Top Gun saga.


🔍 Exclusive Edge Engraving for Personalized Distinction: The uniqueness of each VX-31 Coin is solidified by a special engraving on its edge. This engraving, reading 'VX-31 Challenge Coin - Limited Edition - Coin #xxx of 200,' individualizes every coin with its distinct number in the series. The '#xxx' will be replaced with the specific sequence number of your coin, confirming its unique identity in the limited edition run of just 200 coins. This detail not only personalizes your coin but also cements its status as a rare and exclusive collector’s item.


🚀 Pre-Order Advantage: These premium numbered coins are still available for pre-order, offering you a rare chance to claim a part of this unfolding story. The complete VX-31 series, while still accessible, provides an opportunity to join an exclusive cadre of collectors.


🛠️ Uncompromised Quality: Each coin in this select series upholds the VX-31 Dust Devils commitment to quality. Weighing 50 grams and measuring 2 inches in diameter with a 4mm thickness, these coins are crafted to perfection, reflecting the essence of the Dust Devils' legacy in their polished, shiny silver finish.


🔒 Limited Edition Rarity: This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a distinctive piece of the VX-31 series. With a finite number of these premium coins available, their value extends far beyond their physical form, offering a unique edge to your collection.


🎁 Collector's Gem: Perfect as a treasured addition to your collection or as a meaningful gift for a fellow Top Gun enthusiast, these premium numbered coins transcend the ordinary, offering a tangible piece of military aviation history.


📅 Ready for Deployment: Scheduled for despatch by April 25th, 2024,, each coin is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and exclusivity. The product images are watermarked for your protection; your coin will be delivered in immaculate condition.


Don't miss your chance to own these extraordinary pieces of the VX-31 "Dust Devils" series. The availability of these premium numbers is a fleeting opportunity, destined to be swiftly claimed by discerning collectors and Top Gun aficionados. Act now to secure your elite piece of Top Gun history.

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