The TOPGUN Challenge Coin: Sold Out!

The TOPGUN Challenge Coin: Sold Out!


It's official, folks! The limited-edition TOPGUN Challenge Coin has completely sold out!

We knew these coins, with only 200 made available, were going to be a hit among the Top Gun community. But we were blown away by the overwhelming response.

All 200 coins sold out before the manufacturing process had been finished!

Each of these coins is a testament to the elite and skilled pilots of the TOPGUN program and a symbol of high-flying action and admiration for the courageous pilots.

Featuring an intricate design with the iconic Top Gun emblem on one side and the prestigious TOPGUN insignia on the other, these coins have found a special place in the hearts of Top Gun enthusiasts all around the world. They are not just coins, they are a piece of history, a tangible connection to the TOPGUN legacy.

We want to thank you all for your incredible enthusiasm and support for this limited edition coin.

The community's response truly signifies a passion for Top Gun and its legacy. Challenge coins have always been a strong symbol of camaraderie and shared dedication in the military and aviation communities, and we're thrilled to extend that tradition to Top Gun fans worldwide.

We are excited to share that we have already started shipping this coin to eager owners. All coins are dispatched from the UK, with the following approximate delivery times:

Coins shipped to the UK will arrive within 3 days of being dispatched.

Coins shipped to Europe will arrive within 7 days of being dispatched.

Coins shipped to the USA and Canada take approximately 10 days from the date they're dispatched.

Coins shipped to Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world may take up to 21 days to arrive from the date they're dispatched.


Missed out on this coin? Don't worry. While the TOPGUN Challenge Coin has already sold out, we still have more exciting collectibles and memorabilia in our store, including more Challenge Coins that we know you'll love.

Check them out at

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for future releases and updates.

So here's to the Top Gun community. You all are the best of the best!


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