1969 Harrier Jump Jet Challenge Coin (Special Pre-Order)
1969 Harrier Jump Jet Challenge Coin (Special Pre-Order)
1969 Harrier Jump Jet Challenge Coin (Special Pre-Order)

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Embrace the legacy of British aviation with the "1969 Harrier Jump-Jet Challenge Coin". This 50g coin, measuring 50 mm in diameter (approximately 2 inches) and 4 mm thick, is a tangible tribute to the Harrier's role in reshaping military aviation with its V/STOL capabilities.

Crafted with Pride: Featuring a detailed silhouette of the iconic Harrier against the Union Jack of Great Britain, this coin is a salute to the first operational squadron of this innovative aircraft. The date "1969" commemorates the year that the Harrier elevated the UK to the forefront of aerospace technology.

Legacy and Valour: On the reverse is the insignia of No. 1 Squadron. The motto "First In All Things" encircles the theatre's where the Harrier demonstrated its prowess, from the Falklands to Afghanistan, honouring the undaunted spirit of the RAF.

For Collectors and Enthusiasts: This limited edition piece is perfect for collectors, military historians, and those passionate about British engineering. Encased in a protective display, it's designed to be a cherished keepsake.

Celebrate British Military Aviation innovation and add a piece of history to your collection with this exquisite coin.

Special, Discounted, Pre-Order Offer: Right now this coin is being offered as a pre-order only at a specially discounted rate. The coin is currently being manufactured and is expected to ship by March 30th. By ordering now guarantees you will be the first people to own this coin and get it at the specially discounted price. But only if you act right now!

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