Darkstar Challenge Coin

Limited Edition Darkstar Challenge Coin Update - June 9th 2023


We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting updates on our latest labour of love—the Limited Edition Darkstar Challenge Coin. We're thrilled to bring you some exciting news from the production front!

The journey of creating a piece of memorabilia worthy of Top Gun’s legacy is no easy feat. It requires attention to detail, a passion for aviation, and a deep understanding of what the movie means to its fans. We're proud to announce that we've hit some significant milestones in the production of the Darkstar Challenge Coin.

First off, the artwork for the coin has been given the green light. Our artists have poured hours into crafting a design that encapsulates the spirit of Darkstar and its connection to the Top Gun legacy. We believe they've done a stellar job.

Secondly, our skilled craftsmen have been hard at work engraving the moulds. Their precision and dedication have resulted in a product that is not only a tribute to Darkstar but also a testament to the art of coin making itself.

Darkstar Challenge Coin Mold


And finally, we have formed the sample die-cast which allows us to check that all of the coins details are correct before we move onto minting the coins.

Darkstar die-cast sample

Mach 10 Speed Indicator die-cast sample



The next stage is to produce all the coins. Once created, they will be colour-filled, laser engraved on the edge, and polished to perfection. Then, they'll be ready for their journey across the pond to our office here in the UK.

The Limited Edition Darkstar Challenge Coin isn't just a piece of metal—it's a tangible symbol of the Top Gun community. This exclusive coin is limited to only 250 pieces, each individually numbered. As of now, only 126 are available for pre-order.

Our previous coin, the TOPGUN - Top Gun coin, was a massive hit and sold out before they were even manufactured! Given the enthusiasm we've seen from the community for the Darkstar coin, we anticipate a similar response.

So, if you're a Top Gun fan looking to own a piece of this legacy, now's your chance. The Darkstar Challenge Coin is more than a collectible—it's a testament to the love and respect we all have for the high-flying action, the courageous pilots, and the exhilarating world of Top Gun.

Stay tuned for more updates on the journey of the Darkstar Challenge Coin. And remember, this is your chance to own a piece of Top Gun history. Don't let it fly away.

We're in the final countdown for the Darkstar Challenge Coins. Their availability is disappearing faster than Maverick accelerating towards Mach 10! I can't predict when the final few coins will sell out by, but it's coming – and it's coming quickly.

Don't let this piece of Top Gun history slip through your fingers. Check out the product page right now at https://shop.topgunfans.com/products/limited-edition-darkstar-challenge-coin-capture-mavericks-mach-10-flight to see if you still have a chance to secure one.

This could be your last opportunity to be among the privileged few to own this testament to Maverick's Mach 10 flight. Act fast, Top Gun fans, before it's too late!"

Darkstar Challenge Coin Mockup


Good Luck :) 


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